Room Design

We build and design solutions to meet your budget and needs!

Initial Meeting: This is the first step of our process to ensure that we fully understand your needs and goals in order to provide you with an optimal package.
Site Visit: We will complete a full survey of your workspace and environment to fully anticipate all costs involved.
Proposal: Our proposal will meet your requirements ensuring the delivery of a highly optimal workspace system for your business and any individual user.


Equipment Supply: We source the best and most suitable products for your budget. Our knowledge on our products goes above and beyond.

Installation and Commissioning: With a highly trained team, our installation process could not be smoother. Lemon is on site until every “i” is dotted and “t” is crossed! Take comfort that we do not leave any stone unturned in ensuring our clients piece of mind in the functionality of the product and installation.

Ongoing Maintenance and Life Cycle Support

Lemon has Local Representation and Ongoing Support should any issues arise.

Rental Finance

Hardware rental is a fast growing industry. In order to allow companies to keep up to date with equipment upgrades as they happen while increasing the productivity of business and in the process avoiding massive outlays of cash, companies opt to replace the purchase of hardware with more flexible financing options. This is a unique product offered by Lemon and is highly beneficial to attaining your workspace tool at a cost effective level.

Leading Software

Our star product, Vidyo software is market disruptive! Revolutionary! Vidyo works on any network, any device and allows for 3rd party software integration and interoperability with H.323/SIP room systems.  Vidyo has over 170 patents, is future proof and is undoubtedly the best video conferencing solution with up to 5k resolution on calls. A software product, it can fit into any existing infrastructure – extremely flexible, most definitely adaptable and highly cost effective. The United States Department of Defence, Barclays Bank, NASA… have scrutinised our product and have decided to opt for Vidyo over our competitors!

Audio and Video Conferencing

Let Lemon help bring your meetings to life with the right audio and video conferencing solution.

Having everyone in one room is ideal, but it’s not always practical when teams are scattered across the world. Luckily video conferences do more than any phone call could. It turns the host into an on-screen presence who’s able to see and interact with other attendees, share presentations, and more. The benefits of the audio video conferencing solution reduce business related travel cost, allows for larger participation, more effective communication and improved decision-making. Lemon supplies a range of video/audio products; amplifiers, microphones, speakers, cameras, video software and the supporting hardware to build the best solution.

A truly great video solution is our flexible and seamless Vidyo software which if needed, provides easy integration with your current infrastructure. Experts in High Definition Video Collaboration!

Polycom is another leading Enterprise-grade HD Video Conferencing solution which Lemon is able to provide. Polycom fills the video conferencing gap and enables clients who have geographically dispersed workforces to communicate more effectively and productively over distances.

Office Automation and Capital Equipment

We offer a turnkey solution on all hardware required for your business environment. From computer equipment, photocopiers, CCTV, generators, medical equipment to Coffee machines; Lemon is your chosen re-seller.

Control Systems

Control all your technology at the touch of a button. Control systems integrate, automate, and optimise your building operations. Via one system, you’ll be equipped to manage and control your audio, video, temperature, lighting and security to name a few. This control system technology comes available as a desk, wall mounted or portable touch screen, and is intuitive to use.


Liven up your presentations with vivid images and videos. Steve Jobs was arguably among the most charismatic corporate communicators of our time. Did you know he used videos in nearly every presentation? With the right projector, you can liven up your presentations by incorporating video, vibrant imagery and crisp text into your message. Lemon offers an extensive range of projector options. Our new age projectors can seamlessly integrate with your smartphone, tablet or laptop, making it easier than ever to deliver a killer presentation.

Wireless Presentations

Set yourself up for success with the right wireless presenting technology. Research shows that the average meeting attendee spends 31 hours in unproductive meetings a month. Additionally, half of all meetings are considered a waste of time by those partaking. Wireless presenting fixes all of that. Our systems eliminate the time wasted setting up cables, passing screens, trying to connect all attendees and calling on IT for support. This results in more productive, efficient meetings and immersive collaboration.

VOIP Telephony

Reduce your telecommunications costs with VoIP. Not only does VoIP increase savings by lowering costs, but also offers a range of services ideal for medium to large businesses. Aside from making phone calls, you can conduct videoconferences through your VoIP phone, share data and documents, and integrate with your e-mail and e-fax. This gives employees the ability to multitask when on calls, which results in increased productivity. With VoIP, it is possible to hold telephone conversations wherever there is internet connection, and this results in increased flexibility and mobility.

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